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@authorkellimccracken I bet you didn’t even know how bad I needed this today. Then again, I count you as a friend (and a somewhat psychic one at that!) so maybe you did know. #truestatement

@sevyn_phuck8 I think this applies
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It’s the S, the L, the I , the M


I love this song but that gif makes it 100x better

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April 4, 1968: Civil rights leader, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is shot to death at a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. A single shot fired by James Earl Ray from over 200 feet away at a nearby motel struck King in the neck. He died an hour later at St. Joseph’s Hospital. 

Photo: Ralph Abernathy, with Mrs. Martin Luther King and her children lead a massive march through through the streets of Memphis on April 8, 1968 (Art Shay/Time & Life Pictures/Getty)


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My current situation

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Okay, this is actually what you do if you’re being sexually harassed in any kind of public space. Draw attention to it, preferably pull away and let EVERYONE know that someone is touching you. This will not only get him to get off you but he’ll definitely think about this situation next time he wants to do something like this.

Spreading the word.

My mom and I were talking about this today after hearing about a woman who was molested on a plane who said nothing until she was picked up at the airport by her parents. My mom looked at me and asked what I would do in that situation and I looked her dead in the eye and I told her “it would take me .02 seconds to realize what was going on and yell angrily, and then I would be straight on to bitch slapping him so hard he wouldn’t be able to see the punch I’d throw with the opposite hand”.

She nodded and accepted my salty language like a seasoned sailor.

I’ve had experience with this before, in Prague a group of five girls and I were followed by three men at night. After a while they started yelling at us, the most common being “how much?” Meaning how much we “cost” as prostitutes. Seeing as they weren’t going to stop, I turned on my heel, faced them (which surprised them), spat at their feet and responded with “You couldn’t afford me.” This prompted the other girls to start yelling back at them as well, starting with our spitfire Czech friend to start slinging curses in Czech as she and the rest of the girls came up beside me. Needless to say the men backed off and pretty much fled. They weren’t expecting a fight. It empowered me and encouraged the rest of the girls to yell back too.

I’ve heard that a lot of people don’t know what to do in this situation because they’ve been taught all their lives to be polite and non-aggressive. Keep your heads down or whatever.

Keep in mind that studies have shown that rapists look for victims who won’t fight back.

Remember that nobody has the right to touch you without your consent or harass you, and you have all the right to make the biggest fuss about it that you can possibly make.

Get angry. Be in command.



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Portraits Of Boston Marathon survivors see runners returning to the finish line to look back. See more of these inspiring photos here. 

Photographer Robert X. Fogarty of Dear World, a message-on-skin photography project, prepared the portraits of the survivors.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you know of any book club like blogs?
justcallmejackiechanel justcallmejackiechanel Said:


I have a link to blog recs, you should check those out. I know myself and iprefertoread are going to be doing a book club thing this summer so be on the look out! 



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*Googles big word before I fuck around and use it injudiciously*

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